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Throughout the years we have improved our research process and specialize ourselves in several fields related to the communication sector. We have compiled more than 800 press kit on new information and communication technologies (NICT), and several types of advertising medias.


On my web site you will find a list of all the press kit available for purchase.

Whatever your needs Dossier Média can provide all the skills and experience required to find the answer you’re looking for.

Paul-Guy Leclerc B.A.
News clipping service consultant

About us

Our mission is to fulfill all your needs in the news clipping service field. We work with manager, researcher, event planner, publicist and several other types of specialists looking for detailed information.


With more than 24 years of experience in the news clipping service field, our customers can be found in all the areas of the Quebec filming and advertising industry. We work with modern research tools and offer a service that is personalised and that fits your needs.

Dossier Média holds a licence from COPIBEC inc.-Société québécoise de gestion collective des droits de reproduction.